The Hostel aims at providing comfortable atmosphere conducive to learning with all boarding, lodging and meals facilities to all inmates of this hostel. The supervision and control of students residing in nursing hostel will rest with the warden. The Principal of the College will be the overall in-charge from time to time. The warden and hostel in-charge will be responsible for the day to day management of hostel and subjected to change whenever felt by the authorities.

Salient Features

Students are expected to be there in mess in time. Students are not expecting to take the meals to their rooms.

Students are instructed to keep their rooms clean and tidy.

No students will remain absent from without getting written permission from the principal.

Students are advised not to keep valuables in the hostel. Authorities will not be responsible for any loss.

Students are not allowed to use abusive language in hostel. They must maintain good professional standard.

No mobile phones are permitted in the premises.

Ragging is strictly forbidden. If any individual / group involves the parents will be called for explanation and disciplinary action will be taken by the principal.

Parents / guardians of the students are permitted to meet the student during the prescribed visiting hours.

Students have to use water and electricity judiciously. If fan/ light are found ON in the absence of students in their rooms, fine will be charged by hostel authorities.

Student should strictly follow the study time and maintain strict silence during the study hours.

No electric appliance like heater, Iron box, etc. is allowed in room.

Every student is expected to take the responsibility to keep the common bathroom, toilets and washrooms clean.


Our College has plans for the library to grow steady and uncompromisingly in the means of its resources, facilities and services. The Library has a separate collection of general reference, fictions, Portfolios, newsletters, post-graduate theses, Journal reference, e-library facilities etc…

Salient Features

The library will function from 8.00 am to 5.00pm.

Students are not allowed to bring their personal belonging such as bags & books inside the library.

Book cannot be borrowed without membership card.

All the students must enter their names and other details in the register kept at the entrance.

If a library book is lost the concerned student has to replace the book with a latest edition or has to pay double cost of the book.

Do not write, underline or mark in any book. Library books are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for the damage.

Students must maintain perfect silence inside the Library.

Drinks and eatables are not allowed inside the Library.


CSI Eliza Caldwell College of Nursing has the state-art lab facilities for all the departments. The laboratories are well equipped and facilitated for conducting experiments to the students and offer a rich learning experience. Latest and fast equipments are provided to the students. They are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions and implement them in these sophisticated laboratories under guidance and supervision of the teachers and scholars. All safety measures are strictly followed for the safety of all the students.